18 August 2007

Here is "Bug" just waking up from his nap. I heard banging on the wall so I went to check on him, and he was rocking the crib so that it smacked up against the wall. When he noticed me in the doorway he grabbed onto the bars and started doing this little "let me out of here" dance, and it was just so cute!!
Hello all!
I'm so very terrible about keeping up with all of you, so I thought I might try the "new" thing and start blogging. I'm still a little new at this so you'll have to forgive me if the first ones are not so great, but I am trying.
Dallas has started standing alone, but he's still too scared to take that one little step on his own. I fear once he does I'll be doing nothing but chasing him around the house all day=). I promise, though, that I will be more attentive in my picture-taking, and keep you all updated on what is happening with our little family.