10 April 2010

One is the loneliest number....

But two is a house full!

It's official. Josh is gone, and we've had no problems yet! Although, that's not saying a whole lot, seeing as he's only been gone about seven hours. Hmm, something tells me the drama with a certain Bug will start sometime tomorrow morning.

On a brighter note, I pulled out the pool and set it up in the yard. On a darker note, it has a slow leak and, even though I only filled it two hours ago, it is now mostly empty. Bummer!

Josh called not too long ago to tell me he was just outside Amarillo, TX, and he should be stopping sometime tonight, and when he does he'll call. (sigh) This day is lasting longer than I thought it would...

08 April 2010

Ocean-Front Property in....

Well, of course it's not ocean front, but it is Tucson, AZ. Josh Sent his resume out last Wednesday, he recieved a reply on Friday that they wanted to interview him on Monday, and he accepted their offer. So, here it is Thursday, and I have only just sat down to tell you all this now because Josh needs to be there Monday morning (yes, this coming up Monday) and he's leaving early Saturday. This means that we have been calmy taking care of things like: pack his stuff, get a hitch on the truck, run wires for the hitch, nevermind! the wires are already there, where are those certificates? where are you going to stay? Mommy I want to go too, do you need more of this? measure the truck interior for the tool box, maybe we don't need a uhaul after all, more socks without holes, you can't go in that shirt, what are we going to do without you?!

Like I said, we are very calm about all this. But totally excited, too!!

Yes, Josh is leaving me, but I'm following in a couple months. After he gets himself established at work, and finds us a place, and after my transfer goes through (great not to have to quit and start over!) Dallas and I should be following round about end-of-June-beginning-of-July-ish. I'm getting ready, saving boxes from work and making lists of what I can do without right now and can easily pack away. For instance, I've already told Josh I'll be packing the dishes up and using paper and plastic instead. Dallas is helping by seperating his toys so we don't have to take them all with us. So many things to do!

Chris and Laurie have been a huge, enormous, gigantic help. All of Josh's truck-work and traveling assistance has come from them, I really don't know what I'd do if they hadn't been coming home this week. I can't imagine going through this without them. They've also given me plenty of talk-throughs about how it'll be over soon, and I'll see him again in just a short while; I am gratefully soaking it in because I'll need to be dishing it back out to Dallas in just a few more days.
Sarah is also a great help, offering her emotional support for when I have my really bad days and can't take it anymore. (I've already promised her that I'll end up at her house about a week after he's gone and sit at her table and cry over a dish of ice cream.) I am so grateful I'll have her to lean on during this; her advice and experience in the husband-away-working trial, and sister-ly hug whenever I need it will pull me up so I can be the best Mommy to Dallas, and most supportive wife for Josh. Sisters really are amazing friends.

I'm beginning to get teary about the whole thing, so I need to go focus on something completely inconsiquential...like which pair of flip flops I need to leave out of the box...