24 November 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I love this time of year! Dallas is learning fast that the music doesn't stop all day, and if I'm in the kitchen and it feels hot, he will get a yummy piece of Christams candy. Needless to say, he is always dogging my footsteps when I go into the kitchen.

OK, first, Thanksgiving. Josh and I decided this year that we would spend turkey day at a friends house. She's a student and still lives at home, her parents are really nice people and we had a fantastic time eating way too much food and laughing so hard, said food was in danger of being sighted again. Our friend, Michele, is pictured here with Dallas while he was riding a little rocking-horse her parents keep for their grandchildren.

After we left Michele's, we went out to Guthrie to see Josh's parents, since they're home for a whole week, and stayed late out there, talking, laughing, and holding the little Isaiah. Dallas and Josilyn completely destroyed the toy room, but before that, like any civilized barbarians, they had a tea party.

The day after Thanksgiving (more commonly known as Black Friday) I set up my Christmas stuff, instead of going shopping, and Dallas had a great time trying to pull the tree down on himself, so excited he was at all the lights. We intend to go to the Festival of Lights around here this year; last year was busy, and cold, and we just never got around to it, but this time I am determined to see them. I had some trouble, at first, deciding where everything would go, and I still don't know what I'm going to do with the gingerbread houses when we get finished with them. But, for now everything is settled, though I have a distinct advantage over last year, because I have a mantle this time around.
I also included a picture of our Family Wall, where I have carefully arranged the various pictures of our individual families into a sort of strange family tree. My family's pictures, as you see, are fairly recent, and I'm anxious to have new ones of Josh's sister, Sarah, and her little family. Josh and I are also trying to arrange a photo session to get a more current portrait of the pair of us onto the wall (the one that is up now was taken last Christmas). Dallas getting a new picture is, as we all know, a must, because we have to keep all the doting grandparents cooing over the picutre to avoid them seeing how much their grandkids destroy at their house.

Well, I think that's everything for now, hope your Thanksgiving was great, and your Christmas to be better!!

17 November 2007


"The first part is to tell the top three things that made you want to love him for the rest of time, and the second is to tell what you've learned about him since that keeps it alive for you."
I have finally gotten brave enough to take on the challenge Calista gave us. So here it goes.
1. His Honesty This is actually a double-edged sword, because while he is always straight with me, telling me the ablsolute truth, as he knows it, he tends a little to be too honest sometimes. I'm afraid I've been surprised by his family and our friends a couple of times when he has told them something I'd wanted to keep to myself for a while, but hadn't told Josh I wanted it kept private. While he's a little quieter than I am in laying out his opinions, he is no less blunt when the occasion calls for it, and not in the least afraid of offending someone if he thinks something needs to be said.
2. He's a Rock From the very beginning (going all the way back to Junior High), Josh has always been someone to lean on when there is trouble, or at least no tissues. He is willing to let you cry, rave, scream even, knowing you need to let it out, and then not say anything about why you were upset or angry. I always know that when I need him, I have only to call, that he'll be there for me as fast as is humanly possible. He is steady, dependable, and I used to think those were boring traits in a man, but now I cannot think of anything more comforting than a person you can count on 100%.
3. I'm not sure what to call this one, it's many different words, I think. When he started calling me again from South Dakota, I didn't know what to think. I knew my feelings for him were mixed, all jumbled up in a closet where I didn't really want to look. But the only thing he asked was that he be allowed to talk to me, and tell me he loved me at the end of the conversation. He didn't ask me to answer in kind, just that he be allowed to say it. (Persistance?) As the conversations grew less stilted, less awkward, I became accustomed to hearing him say it. With that came a curiosity of how much he loved me, and he started expressing everything he felt in his heart. (Devotion?) After he arrived in Idaho for my graduation, he told me he didn't want to let me go, to leave without taking me with him. I tried, unsuccessfully, to put him off, to give myself some room to think. He didn't let me, only wrapped me up in his love, as if to ward off any doubts I might have. (Protective?) I don't know how to put it all into words, but I love every part of him, so much I sometimes feel a physical ache with it all. When he asked me to marry him, there was no little voice in my head that said "Whoa, girl! Stop and think about this. It's going too fast, you need to take a minute and look at the big picture." I simply said the only thing that could have made me the happiest person on earth. And here I am today, never regretting a single moment of it all.
1. He is Humble Josh is willing and able to admit he was in the wrong when presented with facts, or opinions, from both sides that do, in fact, prove him wrong. He doesn't get offended at being incorrect, just accepts it and moves on. Knowing when to give ground is just as important as knowing what to do with it when you've won it. He has proven this to me many times, over the last couple years, as we've faced hardships that would break some marriages, and we're still here.
2. His sense of Duty When we were first married, I remember being struck by how handsome he looked in his BDUs and his dress blues. Looking back on it, it wasn't just the outfit, but an attitude he took on as well. He knew when he put that uniform on he was representing the United States Air Force, and he knew that everything he did would be seen, not as an individual citizen, but as part of the military that protected us from tyranny. He knew what was expected of him, and he intended to exceed those expectations, go above and beyond, because his work was his passion. Since then, we have gone our seperate ways from the military, but that same attitude of representation, to wherever he works, is present, almost tangible, when I see him step into the kitchen in his uniform.
3. His love for Dallas and Me I knew when I married him, that Josh loved me. I thought I knew what love was, how it made you feel, how to make everything work so that love would still be most important. But I soon learned that love isn't something you can put on your weekly check-list of things to do, along with the shopping, the laundry, and the (ick!) dishes. Josh loved me so completely that it didn't take long for me not to think about how much or how little we had, I didn't need to worry if we loved each other enough to overcome obstacles that may land in our path. He took it all out of my hands by simply letting his love surround me, completely and efficiently smothering fears and doubts. I knew there was no way I could love anyone more than I loved Josh, I knew it with such intensity that I stumbled when that knowledge was shattered by my love for Dallas. Throughout my pregnancy, I don't remember Josh being all gooey about feeling the baby move, or listening to his heartbeat. But I clearly recall seeing him in the hospital, holding that tiny bundle and looking as if his heart would break. Since then, I have pictures to show for his love and protection of Dallas, my favorites are the ones of them sleeping together: Dallas snug against Josh's side, and Josh's arm holding him close, is if to never let go. Over the last year I have seen Josh's reservations about becoming a daddy fall away as he gets sillier with Dallas every day. It's interesting to see that I've fallen to second place, as well: if I go to wake Josh in the morning, I can shake and holler and rip the covers off, and never get more than a sleepy mumer, followed by a snore. But then Dallas will all but jump out of my arms, yelling "dada", and Josh's eyes will pop open as he catches the little monkey before getting a bloody nose as Dallas falls on top of him to give him a kiss.
I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful, loving husband. I don't know what I would do without him, and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for giving him to me.
(P.S. Thibe sibex ibis ibamibazibing!!!)

Parks and Pumpkin

In my last post I described a park we went to with Dallas, a couple days ago we went back and got lots of new pics. The parks around this area have many little statues cast in bronze, unfortunately I can't get Dallas to pose with every single one, so I have to pick my battles and decide which ones I want him next to more. Dallas has loved the park every time we manage to get out, and he's learning that when Josh is home he usually gets to go, and that when I pick up his shoes it means we're leaving. He gets very excited when he realizes we're going somewhere, dashing to the door before he even has the required shoes and socks on.

I also have a delicious recipe to share with you all. I found it one the back of the package and it looked so good I couldn't help myself, and made it that night. Since then it has been reduced to one lonely piece on a large plate, peeking hopefully out at me through its celephane every time I open the fridge.

Butterscotch Pumpkin Cake

1 C. Butterscotch chips

2 C. Four

1 3/4 C. Sugar

1 TBS baking powder

1 1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1 C. Pumpkin

1/2 C. oil

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

Melt buttersctotch stirring til smooth, cool to room temp. Combine dry ingredients, sifting thoroughly. In a seperate bowl, whisk remaining ingredients, uncluding melted butterscotch, and then combine with dry ingredients. Pour into greased bundt pan and bake for 40-50 min at 350

I promise you will not be disappointed, it is very good. This has been great fun relating all these events, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to sign off...there is a Dallas "bug" crawling in my lap trying to help me type.

11 November 2007

John Deere

Hello again, hello!!

I stole these pics from Josh's phone because they are so precious, and the fact that Josh actually sat while I took them was miracle enough I thought I should share. We were all at Grandma and Grandpa McDonald's house on Thursday, mowing the weeds while they're on the road, and I sat Dallas on the tractor while Josh hooked it up to the mower. Then Josh took him and they went trolling around the property, Dallas trying several times to drive. We ended up being out there past dark, backing up trailers and boats after moving them to get at the weeds underneath. Dallas really enjoyed riding with Josh, and got very excited whenever the mower made a pass near enough for us to see his Daddy.

On Friday we went to the park, this particular one has equipment for handicapped children, so a lot of the stuff is lower and easier to navigate, and even more educational. One of the cool things it has is a sand pit with "dinosaur" bones that you can uncover, but Dallas didn't like the sand. He did like sitting on top of a Bison statue, though, and we got pics of that. This park also has a lake that we can fish in, and lots of geese, though we didn't have bread this time around. Probably the coolest thing about it is across the water is a HUGE set up like a train with toys that lights up. There are also big display sheds with toys, lights, and such, and all the walkways are lined with mini trees covered in lights. Josh and I intend to take Dallas back soon to see it all lit up for Christmas.
Hello all,
I just have a minute, and had to tell you about this:
over the last couple of days, when I make Dallas a bottle (he's chewed the tops off the sippy cups) he'll see that I've finished screwing the cap on, and then he runs into the living room, climbs in the rocking chair and lays down with his feet over the arm. After I've followed him all the way in there he holds his hands out for the bottle, completely calm, and proceeds to chow down, ignoring the fact that that is my chair, and that he stole my spot. It was just so funny, today I realized he was doing it a couple times a day! I don't have pics, but as soon as I get it on video I'll post, he looks so funny when he does it, you'll all have a good laugh.

06 November 2007

WOW, I have not written in so long, I have no idea what to start with now.

I suppose we can start with how excited we've been to watch Dallas work on his motor skills. He runs and plays, and now he can even climb. He has recently discovered that the couch is within his reach, therefore nothing is safe.

We went out for a long evening on Halloween, walking a single square mile, perhaps, with another couple and their little girl. Dallas ended up getting so much candy I had to seperate the chocolate out into a seperate jar in order for the gummies and smarties and such fit into one gallon jug! He likes to pick out his own candy after dinner, but he usually ends up choosing a sucker, and promptly gets it all in his hair. However, bathing prevails, and I always manage to tuck him in bed with soft hair and no sticky fingers.

Josh and I have already done most of our Christmas shopping, and I can't wait for Christmas morning before Dallas wakes up and we get to set up all the new toys for him to play with. I promise to have the camera ready to take pictures of his face when the lights come up.

Dallas is at that wonderful stage when he offers everything of his to you, and expects you not to take away something that is very clearly Daddy's (like the flashdrive, or permenant markers, or the remote). His favorite thing to offer is his breakfast; every morning when he is about 3/4 the way done, he holds out a portion of whatever he's eating to me. Now I always say "no, you eat it", but he still does it every day. One of his favorite things to eat is waffles, he loves them; he'll eat pancakes, and every now and then I can convince him to have hash browns, but he prefers waffles above all else.

Buggin also loves the outdoors, and would play on our patio all day, but as the weather is turning cooler, I can't let him leave our door open all the time. But we do go out to any of the parks nearby, and he plays on the swings, and has leaned the joys of going down the slide head first. Unfortunately, the last time we went out, Dallas tripped over his shoes and scraped his lip; he only cried for a couple of minutes, but the scrape has been the recipient of many comments ranging from "poor baby" to "how did he get a cold sore?", very frustrating. He seems not to notice it, however, and goes about tearing up the house without a single thought to his "battle wound".

We had another little scare with Dallas only last night. He was feeling a little warm so I took his temperature and found it was 99. I wasn't particularely worried because he is cutting a tooth in the back, and I know it isn't uncommon for kids to run a fever while cutting. But then I took it a couple hours later after a bath and dinner, and he was up to 101.2. At this point I was worried and called Josh, who came straight home, having the only vehicle. So we sat up most of the night worrying about Dallas' fever, and it broke this morning at around 5 0'clock. I learned a very important lesson from it all: Josh may be a horrible patient when he's sick, but he is even more difficult when he's worrying about Dallas.