18 June 2010


We have a breakthrough!!
Today, just a few minutes ago, Dallas went to the bathroom and pooped...in the toilet...without being told!!! We are so excited! I almost missed it, too; I saw him go in, he's been going pee just fine for a while now, and then I heard that distinctive *plop*. I got Josh's attention and we did a little dance and we told Dallas he would get a treat, whatever he wanted. (Dallas chose to have five oreo cookies.)
He didn't stay on the potty long enough and he's been having to go back several times, but he is going back!
Have I mentioned we're excited?!

15 June 2010

We Made It!

Completely uneventful, nothing exciting, and oh-so-relieved to be here...finally!
We are all thoroughly sick of the car, and tired from the time change, and sunburned from teaching Dallas to swim in the pool here. I'd forgotten the sun was so intense out here, hooray for aloe vera!
We're still looking around at apartments, buying the paper, and living at the hotel, but we've seen some great deals in just going to the store and back, and we're very hopeful. I've taken some pictures, but the camera cable is missing right now, so....
I've found a great park nearby that's for dogs and kids, with the zoo in the same park and rose gardens, I think I'll take Dallas down there later this week, after I find my sunscreen again. (it's just one little hotel room! How far can that gosh-darned bottle have gone?!)

02 June 2010


We are down to under twelve hours now! Having overtime to cut, and desperate for a nap, I left early today. Being the shameful mom that I am, I'm leaving Dallas in daycare until the very last minute to get as much sleep as possible (he'll forgive me...right?). After I pick up my Bug, we're going to make a "Welcome Home" poster to take to the airport, I even got bright blue glitter for Dallas to dump everywhere. I'll try to take a picture of it before we leave, just in case it doesn't make it home; then I just have one laod of laundry and vaccuming left and we are ready!!
Dallas is so excited, he told me all the way to daycare this morning that he's "Daddy's Bug!" not mommy's.
BTW, we've moved up our move date, it will be this weekend, so this might be my last post before we get things set up in Tucson. I'll probably have pictures of this weekend, though, because it's Grandma's and Daddy Ben's 50th anniversary party, and we're supposed to be taking some family photos.
Wish me luck! I can hardly wait...