22 August 2011

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma!


First, I'd just like to say that 16 hours in a car is miserable...so no matter how much we like to visit family, and no matter how much fun we have travel is miserable and someone needs to invent a teleportation device!

Now, we left Wednesday morning around 1 and drove all night without incident. Dallas woke up, ate breakfast and promptly got sick. This pattern continued for the next several hours. Upon arrival at Grandma and Grandpa McDonald's house we ate a yummy dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup (again Laurie, so very delicious!) and went to bed early. Over the next two days Dallas played very hard and Josh lent a hand with
truck repairs and wiring and other stuff I am fortunately ignorant about :) There was some juggling with the trucks as some friends of Mom and Dad M. were needing their truck rigged out. Josh helped more there and Dallas hammered, measured, carried parts and basically was in Little Boy Heaven.

Saturday came around and we were all pretty busy. It was decided when we arranged our visit that we would celebrate Dallas and Isaiah's birthdays early so they could have a big party with all the family there together. We made cupcakes and individual cakes for the birthday boys, creamy fruit salad, hot dogs and all the works. I got to decorate the cakes and it was a lot of fun to do again, even though neither boy dug in and got messy (bummer!). There were lots of presents opened and I'm afraid I didn't get any good picture
s of that as both were a complete blur as they rushed to tear off paper and get inside those boxes :)
Suddenly, it was Sunday morning, and time to pack the car and head back to Tucson. The packing part went without a hitch, and we were all ready to go (Dallas getting sleepy from the Dramamine I'd given him so we wouldn't have a repeat of the trip out) said our goodbyes, and pulled out. One mile down the interstate and the car was shuddering, the wheel jerking in Josh's hands. So we turned around and presented ourselves to our surprised family. The front tire was misshapen and bald, so it was a, fortunately, simple matter of replacing the tire.
Once again on our way, it was very boring. Not a whole lot to look at after getting outside OKC city limits, and we got spattered by a bit of rain. When we got into Texas, however, we made a quick stop at a very interesting place: Groom, TX.
Dallas had a great time posing for pictures with these thought
-provoking statues, and told me again and again that it was Jesus, and that he "needed help". I admit to maybe a bit of dust in my eye at that point, and telling him that it was alright and Jesus knew Dallas wished he could help Him.
The rest of the trip was uneventful, and we made it home safely....to a house that was waaay to hot! The A/C coil had busted a hole and even though we've been home since 8am, it's only now cooling down at 7pm. It's been a long week, but we wouldn't trade it for anything, and seeing our family was worth every "I feel sick", kid vs. kid fight, and the sore rears we all had after so many hours in the car. Very glad to be home, and we can't wait for the next opportunity to visit again!