25 September 2011

Surprise!! Mother Nature!

30% chance of rain....right. The morning started out nice enough. By lunch it was sprinkling....and by 1:00 it was flooding. After the majority of it was over, Dallas and I took a walk around the complex.

Here is a good long stretch only about two inches deep.

Dallas managed to soak me while swinging through this big puddle :)
But what you can't see is that his feet aren't even touching the ground under there!

If you look closely here, you can see the sidewalk under the water (btw, the water was freezing, but we had a lot of fun wandering around barefoot in it)

This is behind the main office, and yes, we did walk through it. The water came up to my knees, but I probably would not have allowed it if it had still been raining. That car was lucky they didn't stall out :)

This is something cool my phone does...panorama pictures. That sidewalk is actually straight, but it's still really cool :)

This wasn't the worst it got; in the above picture you can see the cement barrier that funnels the water into the canal beyond the wall. Less than an hour later that barrier was under water.
The big pluses to this storm: we didn't lose power this time!!! And with all that icy water coming down it lowered the temperature significantly so we could have the windows open...it was wonderful!