09 May 2009

Been a While...

...And I am sorry. Here's a little update.

First, going back, this is Josh's birthday cake, which we shared with Sarah, Eddie, Josilyn, Isaiah, and Joey. I made it myself

Next, we have Dallas sitting in the bathtub. Notice how the water is nearly over the edge.

Lastly, we have my budding garden. I'm really excited about it, because last year it didn't bloom hardly at all. But this year we bought a huge load of manure and I was very generous with it in my garden beds. So, after several days of rain, then some hot, humid days, here it is, practically jumping up from the earth.

As for the rest of our lives...Josh and I are still working hard and Dallas is growing like a little weed. We had a yard sale this weekend and while we were setting up, Dallas ran around one of the tables and smacked his head and cut his eye.

I also completed one of my projects: painting a texture color over my white walls. I used a pale brown, and I think it looks nice. Although my friend, Sarah, told me it looks like Dallas painted the walls with mud. Either way, it looks a lot less stark.

Today, while I was on my lunch break, Josh called me, asking where I was. When I told him I was in the break room, he told me he'd see me in a minute. He showed up very soon afterward, and pleasantly embarrassed me in front of the entire room by giving me a dozen roses and a kiss, saying "Happy Mother's Day". Every guy in there chuckled, and every woman cooed. After he left, Malinda patted my hand and told me I was very blessed. I truly am.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day.