17 March 2008


Today, I just had a complete breakdown. Mostly things were normal, fairly uneventful. But when I went to get Dallas up from his nap, he'd taken his diaper off. Nothing dirty or anything, just off. So I put him in another one. And twenty minutes later, another. This went on until about 4:30, and then I called my sister in-law, Sarah. I was crying, I didn't know what to do, and I begged her to help me. She said she'd bring over a little potty-training toilet, and told me she understood. That was best thing I'd heard all day. Then she even went further and called Josh on his way home and told him what a rotten day I'd had. As soon as he walked in the door he took charge of everything. He finished putting dinner together and fed me and Dallas, washed up the booster seat stuff, gathered up the trash...I almost started crying again.
So now I think I'm going to start a little bit of potty training with Dallas, because I can't do the stripping thing, and besides: he likes sitting on the potty. I'm really grateful I had someone to lean on today, especially someone who totally understood how I was feeling. I'm pretty lucky to have Sarah nearby, lucky to have another woman my age to turn to when I need a shoulder.

Pic of the Day #7

Dallas' room. Looks pretty normal, right? Bed, dresser/changing table/window...But, until today, the window did not have curtains. That's right!! I finally finished them! Mom left me the fabric when she came to take care of me after Dallas was born, and now we finally have a window, just for him, that I can cover it with. You can't see it, because I didn't take the greatest picture, but the top is made of loops instead of the traditional hide-the-entire-ugly-bar, and the loops match the pretty red trim that can just barely be seen at the bottom of the curtains. Is it terribly obvious that I'm proud of this?:p I'm putting my sewing machine to good use (now that I've unpacked it from the box) and I have grand intentions of making lots more stuff...we'll see how it goes.

15 March 2008

Food Tag

I've finally gotten around to this tag, and I've had some laughs at some of the other stuff I've read from other people.
7 things about me and food....

1. I love potatoes!! Baked, mashed, hashbrowns, sliced and fried, potato skins, in casssaroles. I love potatoes!!
2. I like the flavor onion lends to dishes when sauteed or otherwise cooked, but I can't stand them raw.
3. Although I disliked them immensely when I was younger, I have gained quite a fondness for mushrooms. My favorite way to eat them is stuffed with mozzerella cheese over the top, yummmm.
4. I'm in the same boat as Melinda with raw meats. The smell of them makes me wish to throw it all away and become a vegitarian.
5. Jell-o, oh yeah.
6. One of my favorite things is chicken, I love it, it's texture and flavor, mmmm, it makes me hungry just thinkin' about it
7. Having a toddler, I have grown rather fond of Goldfish, Teddy Grahams.

Pic of the Day #6

I have been dreadfully remiss in my duty to keep my beloved family informed of my little boy's antics and health. I beg forgiveness from you all with an update following.

Dallas has taken a liking to Funny Color Foam Soap, and refuses to take a bath without it. I've bought quite a store of it now, and this time he's covered, as you can see, in "Orange you Glad" foam.

With the return of warm days, Dallas has enjoyed his shorts and bare feet, and runs all over the yard playing with his dump trucks and tennis balls.
Just yesterday, while Josh and I worked on building a wall, Dallas climbed on top of the riding lawn mower and the tractor. His fearlessness scares me something aweful every time he displays it.

Here, then, is the conclusion to a rather long Pic of the Day entry.

04 March 2008

5 Favorite Things

My 5 favorite things are....
1. Dallas, he's my whole life wrapped up in a very energetic bundle.
2. Josh, my partner, my love, my breadwinner:)
3. Gardening, I love flowers! If only it would heat up...
4. Warm cake and ice cream
5. A good book.

I'm tagging.....
Mom and Annette, 'cuz I think they're the only ones left.