18 September 2008

Camping Out

Okay, this here is what I noticed while picking up toys, again, after doing laundry. I actually could only see his fingers, but once I saw this, I just couldn't pass it up.Unfortunately, the flash woke him up (he'd been asleep for nearly three hours anyway). I opened up his door, and this is what I found.

I hadn't realized he was rebelling in quite this fashion. When he doesn't want to go down for a nap (when does he ever?) he throws himself down at the door and cries. Once upon a time, he'd get up and lay down in bed, hugging his puppy. Now, I have to remake his bed, right down to putting the sheet back on, not only at naptime, but every morning, too.

Josh has told me not to worry too much about it, it's something he'll grow out of; but I can't help but be worried. I mean, he's laying on the floor all night! Instead of trying to move him when he falls asleep, I've taken to putting him in warm pjs, and laying the rug down next to the door.

What's a mother to do?

On a side note, I've given my notice at Domino's and am looking into getting a job at Wal-Mart in the bakery as a cake decorator. Why have I quit my job, you might ask? Not because the people are irritating and lazy, which they're not. And not because the customers are whiny and stingy, which they are. It's because my paycheck as been late three times in a row. Once it was a few hours, and I drove to Edmond and picked them up myself, just to get them there. Another, we were supposed to be paid on Labor Day, that doesn't happen, but instead of being paid the day before, we were paid the day after. This past Monday, I camped out at work. It was a nice day and I made sure Dallas ate dinner, and I had a friend with me to talk to. But my check still didn't arrive until almost 10 pm. Why? Because my boss forgot they were in his car, and he took them with him to Tulsa. Is my irritation justified? Should I not expect my paycheck to be there when he says it ought to be? I feel in the right, but was confused when everyone else I work with was unfazed and didn't even question it when they were told the checks would be late. Apparently, this happens often. And yet, I'm the first person to quit because of it.....they were surprised at how upset I became over this. Even more surprised that I would quit over such a thing.

Here's the real question: am I really right? Should I have just gone along with it like everyone else? Is it something that just isn't worth fighting over?

Somehow....I don't think so. My question to them should be: How can you not fight against this? Paychecks are required by law to be on time, I shouldn't be afraid to be angry when it's late.

04 September 2008

A little warm...but, oh so cute!!!

This is a very neat blanket. Yeah, I said blanket. With all the snaps undone, it's a cuddly Pooh and Tigger blanket (very soft!). But with them all done up, it's a hoodie-wrap. It even has snaps to go around his feet so he doesn't trip up on it.
He wouldn't keep the hood part up, but he loves wondering around in it, and unzipping the front (thus needing us to re-zip the darn thing about a hundred times).
Yummm! Breakfast! Chocolate chip pancakes with Hershey's sauce, smothered in Cool Whip and sprinkled with pecans.