18 September 2008

Camping Out

Okay, this here is what I noticed while picking up toys, again, after doing laundry. I actually could only see his fingers, but once I saw this, I just couldn't pass it up.Unfortunately, the flash woke him up (he'd been asleep for nearly three hours anyway). I opened up his door, and this is what I found.

I hadn't realized he was rebelling in quite this fashion. When he doesn't want to go down for a nap (when does he ever?) he throws himself down at the door and cries. Once upon a time, he'd get up and lay down in bed, hugging his puppy. Now, I have to remake his bed, right down to putting the sheet back on, not only at naptime, but every morning, too.

Josh has told me not to worry too much about it, it's something he'll grow out of; but I can't help but be worried. I mean, he's laying on the floor all night! Instead of trying to move him when he falls asleep, I've taken to putting him in warm pjs, and laying the rug down next to the door.

What's a mother to do?

On a side note, I've given my notice at Domino's and am looking into getting a job at Wal-Mart in the bakery as a cake decorator. Why have I quit my job, you might ask? Not because the people are irritating and lazy, which they're not. And not because the customers are whiny and stingy, which they are. It's because my paycheck as been late three times in a row. Once it was a few hours, and I drove to Edmond and picked them up myself, just to get them there. Another, we were supposed to be paid on Labor Day, that doesn't happen, but instead of being paid the day before, we were paid the day after. This past Monday, I camped out at work. It was a nice day and I made sure Dallas ate dinner, and I had a friend with me to talk to. But my check still didn't arrive until almost 10 pm. Why? Because my boss forgot they were in his car, and he took them with him to Tulsa. Is my irritation justified? Should I not expect my paycheck to be there when he says it ought to be? I feel in the right, but was confused when everyone else I work with was unfazed and didn't even question it when they were told the checks would be late. Apparently, this happens often. And yet, I'm the first person to quit because of it.....they were surprised at how upset I became over this. Even more surprised that I would quit over such a thing.

Here's the real question: am I really right? Should I have just gone along with it like everyone else? Is it something that just isn't worth fighting over?

Somehow....I don't think so. My question to them should be: How can you not fight against this? Paychecks are required by law to be on time, I shouldn't be afraid to be angry when it's late.


Kathy said...

I know I would definitely be saying something if my paycheck was late. Once MIGHT be excused, but after that.....wow, pretty sad. Good luck with finding another job - I didn't know you did cake decorating. That's awesome! Hope you get that job is it's what you'd like to do.

Lindsey said...

I think you're doing the right thing with your boy and your job. If he was really uncomfortable on the concrete floor, he'd climb back into his bed in the middle of the night. He'd be too tired to listen to his stubborn side and would just think about sleeping there. My bet is that he's sleeping the whole night just fine and he'll grow out of it.

I agree that your employer should issue on-time checks. In my school district, they issued several THOUSAND checks for the wrong amounts and our union protested and made a huge fuss over it. You're entitled to fair pay for fair work.

Hang in there! :)

Farrell Family said...

That is too funny about Dallas. I think all kids go through their sleep rebellion. As long as he sleeps somewhere I think he's okay.
Good luck with the job search. That is a big bummer.

Stephanie said...

With the sleeping by the door - Zaylee went through a stage of that as well. She would fuss when we put her to bed, then eventually fall asleep on the floor right in front of the door. We would just put her back in bed, or sometimes let her stay there. After a few months, she decided her bed really was more comfortable and made the transition herself.

Karen said...

Bummer if he trashes his room like that every time he's put to bed. Can you lay down with him?

Calista said...

My biggest issue with the floor-sleeping would be re-making the bed twice every day! I'd just about opt for going with a sleeping bag :) But I definitely wouldn't think you're being a 'bad mommy' for letting him sleep on the floor if he chooses it. As for the paycheck, that's a personal call. I don't know that I would quit over it, but everyone's priorities are different. If it matters to you that the boss continually has excuses for giving them out late then you have a simple recognition of a difference in priorities. Your priority is to get your paycheck on time, while his is obviously not. If it matters enough to you, then you should definitely make your stand on it.

Michelle said...

You are very much entitled to be angry! You worked hard for them for that money, and you quiting lets them know that it is unnacceptable for them to be so nonchalant about paying you on time! They have hired you to do a job, they gave you responsibilities, and then they failed in theirs. Not only would I go through with the quiting, cake decorator sounds much more fun anyway, but I would contact upper management as well and inform them of the situation. They need to know. Way to go for standing up for yourself.

And yes, Dallas will grow out of the sleeping on the floor thing. My kids did that sometimes when they were trying to transition out of naps. They stop taking them around 2... yay. William has woken up some mornings screaming because apperantly he crawled under the bed and fell asleep, and couldn't get back out in the morning! :-)