13 February 2011

Success at Last!

It's been a week, one week, and yet I have never been more pleaesed at the end of one. Backing up.....
The potty training has been going badly. Nothing we've done made a difference (treats, toys, reading, special trips to the "play area" at various fast food joints, time-outs, cold showers, even spankings!) until we took away his morning cartoons. Let me tell you, this kid loves his Disney Playhouse hours, there will be talk all day about OSO, Handy Manny, and, his favorite, Mickey Mouse. This worked for a couple days. Then he realized he could wait until after his shows to poop in his pants, his punishment would be set, and then he'd go in the toilet again right before bed bringing about the effect of his reward: being able to watch in the morning. We realized we were being played, and so we gave him a much bigger, better, exciting reward to work for. We told him that if he went in the toilet all the time we would take him to Mickey's clubhouse: Disneyland.
This whole week, there have been no accidents. He's still having trouble with cleaning up afterwards, but he is getting better. The difference this week has been huge! Not having to remind, remind, remind; not having to be the "bad guy" and punish, even though you hate doing it; not having to run the washer twice in order to get the smell out! And Dallas has been telling me the last two days theat it's time for him to go to Mickey's Clubhouse. We didn't think he would train up so fast, I guess we underestimated the power of Disney :)
Moving on!
This is the sight that met me upon returning to the kitchen. I'd just gone to let Josh now that dinner was almost ready, came around the corner and there was Dallas.....

That's not cheese. That's the shredded carrot that I was going to put on my salad. Not only was I able to get a picture, I even managed to get Josh out fast enough before Dallas made off with another two handfulls and decided it was time to go play. Honestly, if I had to catch him "in the act" snitching food.....I can definately live with this one!
Dallas got this for Christmas. It's a pretend shaving kit, and he loves it! Every time Josh shaves Dallas insists on going in with him with his own (not sharp) razor, and bubblegum-scented shaving cream. He's always very careful when "shaving" above his lip, and turning the "razor" around and dragging it forwards under his chin. Aww, they grow up so fast!