30 April 2008

Pic of the Day

While I was folding laundry on the bed, Dallas investigated the open dryer. He's never tried it before, but he really enjoyed climbing in and out over and over again.

28 April 2008

Then and Now Tag

Rules: Go through pictures and memories taken (or given) in an identical situation, to find something that you can compare with now. Use pics or don't, and we'll see how life has changed from then...to now. Tag two people to pass it on.

Okay, here goes. I used a pic I'd taken of my yard when we had a snowstorm, obviously, the snow is gone, and the beautiful green shows off in the next one. I thought this was a good "then and now" set, because it not only shows how each is beautiful in its own way, but also shows the renewal of life that takes place in the earth.

I tag Esther and Sarah H.

Pic of the Day

The normal babble had been coming from Dallas' room to wake me up. On this occasion, as you can see, he was not in his crib. He was not very concerned about where he was, but he made it clear he wanted down. I made sure I got a pic of it first. And then promptly rearranged his bedroom.

21 April 2008

Snicker Salad

Since I have been begged to post my recipe, I will do so. Although it isn't really mine, it is one of my favorites.
The recipe isn't difficult, and while I was given precise amounts, I tend to play it by taste.

Snicker Salad
3 apples, chopped
3 bananas, sliced
4 Snickers Bars, chunked
Cool Whip

Mix all ingridients, cool whip to preferred texture, chill and enjoy!
Note: I don't add the bananas until I'm just about to serve, I don't like them to get mushy.
I have taken suggestions to add manderin oranges to this, but haven't actually done it yet, it was said after it was already made the other night.

20 April 2008

Surprise Party

I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of this but it was so much fun!
Well, to start, we didn't plan this (thus the surprise part), but once we got started on it, it was a blast!! Th weather was so beautiful yesterday, I suggested to Josh that we have a BBQ and invite Sarah and Eddie and the kids. When I called Sarah she called Eddie (he had to work on a Satuday, yuck), and he thought it might be fun to invite two other friends of theirs, a young newlywed couple. Then Josh wanted to invite a couple of his friends from school, and, of course, we invited Alan.
Sarah and I started cooking like mad to get things ready. We had venison and beef steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, Snicker salad, soda, baked beans, chips and dip, and, for dessert, a giant chocolate chip cookie smothered in frosting. Sarah and I also made jell-os, but they refused to set up in time.
Josh fired up the grill and Dallas and I helped him set up the pool, but the little guy didn't like the water much, apparently it was too cold (nothing like his bathwater). Josilyn and Dallas played in the pool (Dallas from the edge), and poor Josilyn got so cold we put her in the hot tub to warm her back up. We all had so much fun, laughing and talking late into the night, even though the bugs swarmed, and the eveing got cooler. It was hard to gather things up, and let people go home.
By using paper plates, plastic-ware, and large garbage cans, clean-up was quick and easy, and we didn't have to have this big push to get things cleaned up and we went from clean-up back to visiting with hardly a beat.
As we all said good-bye, we agreed that we should get together more often, and Eddie said we needed a big campfire next time. I can't wait to do it again.

19 April 2008

Meet me at the Fair!

This year, at the 79th Annual 89er Days Carnival, Dallas was big enough to ride.
This is his first ride of the day, we took this while it was still being loaded, but when it started moving it was going a little too fast for pictures. He did fine until about the third time around, then started to get the really scared look on his face when he couldn't find us in the crowd.There wern't any straps to hold him on this one, so I went around with him, and he laughed the whole way.
When Josh got hungry, he ordered a Jumbo Corndog, and Dallas couldn't take his eyes off it. Josh let him have a taste, but he didn't like the mustard and wouldn't take another bite.
We squeezed into a martian spinner, mostly because Josh really wanted to go on it. We had fun spinning it around, but Dallas kept trying to stand up on the "table".
Dallas had started to get really antsy about sitting in the stroller, walking, being carried, so we knew he was getting tired. There were only a few rides that would allow him on, so we came back to the carousel for one last ride before going home. Josh hopped on this time, and Dallas giggled when it started. As he moved away, he turned around and waved at "bye-bye" at me.
The carnival was a lot of fun, and Dallas wore himself out running everywhere at once. He fell asleep in the car, and we all went to bed when we got home. It was a great family evening.

14 April 2008

Grandma and Grandpa M. had just got home, and Dallas was watching them fix something on their big truck.

Hooray for using spoons (as opposed to fingers.)

Playing hide and seek, I thought I'd actually lost him...until he started giggling from his hiding place.

13 April 2008

Memior Tag

1. Write your own six-word memoir.

2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.

3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.

4. Tag three (choice is yours) more blogs with links.

5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.



I tag Sarah H. , Mom M., and Rachel.

09 April 2008

Pic of the Day

Dallas was so cute, and I couldn't resist the setting.
I like this, and I just had to try it for myself. Good call, Calista!!

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people with my name
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04 April 2008

Sloopy BattyNose

We all need a little stress-reliever! Sometimes when you have a stressful day or week, you need some silliness to break up the day. Here is a dose of humor...

A. Follow the instructions to find your new name.

B. Once you have your new name, post it as the title of your post. Include the instructions so everyone can play along! The following is excerpted from a children's book, Captain Underpants And the Perilous Plot Professor Poopypants by Dave Pilkey, in which the evil Professor forces everyone to assume new names...

So:1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your New first name:

a = snickle

b = doombah

c = goober

d = cheesey

e = crusty

f = greasy

g = dumbo

h = farcus

i = dorky

j =doofus

k = funky

l = boobie

m = sleezy

n = sloopy

o = fluffy

p = stinky

q = slimy

r = dorfus

s = snooty

t = tootsie

u = dipsy

v = sneezy

w = liver

x = skippy

y = dinky

z = zippy

2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name:

a = dippin

b = feather

c = batty

d = burger

e = chicken

f = barffy

g = lizard

h = waffle

i = farkle

j = monkey

k = flippin

l = fricken

m = bubble

n = rhino

o = potty

p = hamster

q = buckle

r = gizzard

s = lickin

t = snickle

u = chuckle

v = pickle

w = hubble

x = dingle

y = gorilla

z = girdle

3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:

a = butt

b = boob

c = face

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m = chunks

n = dunkin

o = brains

p = biscuits

q = toes

r = doodle

s = fanny

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w = squirt

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y = hiney

z = juice

Thus, for example, George W. Bush's new name is: Fluffy Chucklefanny.Now when you POST THIS...use your new name as the title. And remember that children laugh an average of 146 times a day; adults laugh an average of 4 times a day. Put more laughter in your day.

When I first saw this one Melinda's blog, I really needed the lift. The last couple of days have been a little rough because Josh was chosen to go to Pheonix (very short notice), and now he's been gone for two days, and there's still 19 left. My only option is to keep as busy as possible, because whenever I have a spare moment to sit still and think, my thoughts stray to Josh's face, Josh's voice, and my peace is shattered. I try hard not to think about him, but then I feel kinda guilty that I'm not, so I do, and then...ugh, it's just a vicious love cycle.

Anyway, I've spent the last several hours at Sarah H.'s house, letting her cheer me up, and letting Dallas play with Josilyn. We laughed and talked, ate some dinner, and had chocolate cheesecake smothered in whipped topping. It's really great that I have her here, closeby; someone I can turn to when I need that little bit of a lift.


All that's left is to go to bed tired, dream not at all, and snuggle up with Dallas for breakfast.