07 March 2009

Name That Month

What month has 31 days, nice breezes, lots of sun, and 80 degrees all day?
Huh? Anyone?

It's MARCH!! Yeah, March--the perpetually windy month has us loaded down with heat bad enough to wish for an air conditioner.
On the bright side, my windows have been open for three days straight.

04 March 2009


That mess of a title is merely the incomprehensible culmination of all my frustration over the last couple of weeks. It's the same story of politics and evil bosses....anyway, we finally got another cake decorator who will take the load off me on the weekends. Speaking of which, my evil boss has also finally given me Sundays off. I haven't had a Sunday off for....about 10 months. Yikes! So now that I have it back, I'm going back to church, because the monthly visit from my Visiting Teachers just isn't enough. I would have gone back last Sunday, but I ended up with the 24 hour bug and Josh had to call in since I spent the day worshiping the Porcelain God.
But enough about me! Dallas is still growing fast and his vocabulary grown apace. His latest is Josh's personal name for him: Goober Butt. Only, coming from Dallas, it sounds more like "Gyuber Bot"; it's very cute. He also demands, after being picked up from daycare, to be taken home. Or to Wal-Mart, depending on whether or not he got a nap.
Any who, my timer is about to go off for dinner and I am starving. Ciao!