08 December 2011


I'm going to try to make this quick--Josh got a new job that is really great, but the training for it takes him away from Dallas and me. So we packed up the apartment, Josh left for Baltimore, MD, and I moved back in with Mom and Dad R. We prayed for this job and are very grateful that he managed to get a position, but it's hard for him to be away from us. Now that everyone is up to speed, I'll go back over some of the details.

We got everything packed and moved before Halloween. While Josh was busy getting his stuff in order to go the following Sunday, Dallas and I went trick-or-treating. He got loads of candy, and he had a lot of fun:) He was the Genie from Aladdin, and I made his costume, which I was very proud of.

Josh left less than a week later, but we had hardly any time to miss him before Thanksgiving arrived. Mom, Dad, Dallas, Wes and I went to Uncle Jeff Reid's for the big meal, and we stayed with some old friends of Mom and Dad. They were a riot, and it was so much fun hearing stories about them from before they had kids.....somehow all the stories they told us started when Calista was born...
We ate tons of food, and then stayed the rest of the weekend for Wes Larson's wedding, which was beautiful. While I didn't know the bride before we got there, I had a lot of fun getting to know her and her family--they'll all fit right in with the Reid crowd:)
The morning before the wedding, Mom and Dad's friends took us sailing. What a blast!! It was both easier and harder than I thought it would be, but Wes learned the ins and outs long before I did.
It was nice to be home after the long drive, but we were home only a few days before it was time to travel again. This time back to Wes's college to see him in the school's performance of Forgotten Carols--Wes played John:) I didn't even recognize him onstage, the makeup was amazing! And the songs were just as touching as I remember.

No sooner had we got back, it was the city parade and Dallas was very excited about all the music, and it was all I could do to hold him back when he realized every float was throwing candy to him:) We made a dash for City Hall, which we were right outside of, to see Santa, but we were still in line for about 45 minutes. Guess we'll have to be faster next time:)

The weather has been very cold, and there's snow on the ground, but Dallas plays outside everyday, so excited about the snow he hasn't seen in two years. Mom even got him his own snow shovel, and he is very serious about making sure the walk is shoveled every time we get a little snowfall.

I think that's everything! We're very excited about Christmas (my first one home in five years!), especially because Josh is flying home and will be here the 23rd...just in time for the big day! Dallas is counting down to Christmas and to "Daddy coming home" with his advent calendar (Santa's face with an empty beard, filling in the space with 24 cotton balls) and he asks every day if Daddy will be home today. Even with video chatting it's hard to be away from each other, and while Dallas loves having Grandma and Grandpa around, he's always so excited to hear Josh on the phone.

Christmas can't come soon enough!