09 October 2008

Where to start....?

Well, I suppose I can start by telling you that I got the job at Wal-Mart. Not the cake decorating job, but donuts instead. My shift is from 4am-1pm (yeah...4 A.M.!), so I go to bed a little after Dallas, and Josh gets up with him in the morning. It's fun working again; unlike Dominos, I work with all women, and they are all hilarious. Great sense of humor, fun, and quick to lend a hand to anyone that asks. One of them, we'll call her R., has been taking care of her dad for the last several years and he passed away just a couple of days ago; the other ladies got together and sent around a card for people to sign, and a donation jar to help with the expenses. I saw R. today and she looked much better, still prone to tears, but the others wouldn't let her dwell on the sadness of it long, and soon had her in stitches with funny stories of things that had happened while she was on leave.
Dallas is growing like little weed. He just turned 2 a few weeks ago and we had a little party here at the house with a friend of ours whose son was also turning 2 that week. His favorite gift was a tool set that included a hammer, screwdrivers, drill, measuring tape, slide, pliers, wrench, tool belt, level, hard hat, and more (if you can believe it)! We also gave him a late gift of a toy vacuum...which he hasn't stopped playing with in three days.

Josh isn't so sure he likes getting up in the morning, but he must be making quite an impression on Dallas, because today, when Josh left for work, Dallas stood at the door and cried....and cried. He kept saying "Daddy" over and over again while trying to open the door, and wouldn't stop until Josh came back in the house to give him a great big hug, a kiss and told him "Daddy'll be back". The Bug is thoroughly distracted now, of course, playing with all sorts of noisy toys and buttons on the TV, which isn't even turned on yet still manages to inspire his fascination.

Ah, dinner, or rather dinner prep, is calling me and I must attend it. Toodles!!


Kathy said...

Congratulations on your job at WalMart! I can totally see you working in the bakery - perfect place for you! Does Josh go to work in the afternoons? Happy Birthday Dallas!!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on getting a new job that you like. Sounds like a fun job, though I'm not sure I would care for hours like that! :-)

Happy Birthday to Dallas, that was an adorable cake - I love the picture of the boys grabbing their cars off the cake!

Farrell Family said...

Happy birthday Dallas! How fun to be able to celebrate with a friend.
Glad you're enjoying your new job!

McD Fam said...

Yup, Josh works from 3:30-midnight

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Dallas!

That's awesome you got the Walmart job. I love donuts... maybe sometime you'll get the cake decorating job.