15 March 2008

Food Tag

I've finally gotten around to this tag, and I've had some laughs at some of the other stuff I've read from other people.
7 things about me and food....

1. I love potatoes!! Baked, mashed, hashbrowns, sliced and fried, potato skins, in casssaroles. I love potatoes!!
2. I like the flavor onion lends to dishes when sauteed or otherwise cooked, but I can't stand them raw.
3. Although I disliked them immensely when I was younger, I have gained quite a fondness for mushrooms. My favorite way to eat them is stuffed with mozzerella cheese over the top, yummmm.
4. I'm in the same boat as Melinda with raw meats. The smell of them makes me wish to throw it all away and become a vegitarian.
5. Jell-o, oh yeah.
6. One of my favorite things is chicken, I love it, it's texture and flavor, mmmm, it makes me hungry just thinkin' about it
7. Having a toddler, I have grown rather fond of Goldfish, Teddy Grahams.


Melinda said...

You got me on the mushrooms...I still can't stand 'em. But on the potatoes...yes, yes, and more yes! I'm always sad when I see I only have a couple of them left and have to be creative for a couple days.

Calista said...

We buy the Costco bag of giant potatoes and we typically have something with potato in it at least once a day :)