15 March 2008

Pic of the Day #6

I have been dreadfully remiss in my duty to keep my beloved family informed of my little boy's antics and health. I beg forgiveness from you all with an update following.

Dallas has taken a liking to Funny Color Foam Soap, and refuses to take a bath without it. I've bought quite a store of it now, and this time he's covered, as you can see, in "Orange you Glad" foam.

With the return of warm days, Dallas has enjoyed his shorts and bare feet, and runs all over the yard playing with his dump trucks and tennis balls.
Just yesterday, while Josh and I worked on building a wall, Dallas climbed on top of the riding lawn mower and the tractor. His fearlessness scares me something aweful every time he displays it.

Here, then, is the conclusion to a rather long Pic of the Day entry.


Karen said...

Yeah!!! I love all the pictures and your food tag was fun. Thanks for updating. Hey, I'm hoping to have a pkg in the mail on Monday... for each of the grandkids. Hope you get it before Easter, but if not, open it whenever you get it.

Melinda said...

So glad you updated! Dallas looks like the surgery never happened! He is just as precocious and fun as before. Hooray for childhood and fast healing, right? Happy St. Patty's day!