18 June 2010


We have a breakthrough!!
Today, just a few minutes ago, Dallas went to the bathroom and pooped...in the toilet...without being told!!! We are so excited! I almost missed it, too; I saw him go in, he's been going pee just fine for a while now, and then I heard that distinctive *plop*. I got Josh's attention and we did a little dance and we told Dallas he would get a treat, whatever he wanted. (Dallas chose to have five oreo cookies.)
He didn't stay on the potty long enough and he's been having to go back several times, but he is going back!
Have I mentioned we're excited?!

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Anonymous said...

Yay how exciting!! Tell him we are so proud of him! I am so glad to hear it, especially since I witnessed this struggle. Hope you are all settling in well
Miss ya!! Lots of love and give Dallas hugs from me.