06 November 2007

WOW, I have not written in so long, I have no idea what to start with now.

I suppose we can start with how excited we've been to watch Dallas work on his motor skills. He runs and plays, and now he can even climb. He has recently discovered that the couch is within his reach, therefore nothing is safe.

We went out for a long evening on Halloween, walking a single square mile, perhaps, with another couple and their little girl. Dallas ended up getting so much candy I had to seperate the chocolate out into a seperate jar in order for the gummies and smarties and such fit into one gallon jug! He likes to pick out his own candy after dinner, but he usually ends up choosing a sucker, and promptly gets it all in his hair. However, bathing prevails, and I always manage to tuck him in bed with soft hair and no sticky fingers.

Josh and I have already done most of our Christmas shopping, and I can't wait for Christmas morning before Dallas wakes up and we get to set up all the new toys for him to play with. I promise to have the camera ready to take pictures of his face when the lights come up.

Dallas is at that wonderful stage when he offers everything of his to you, and expects you not to take away something that is very clearly Daddy's (like the flashdrive, or permenant markers, or the remote). His favorite thing to offer is his breakfast; every morning when he is about 3/4 the way done, he holds out a portion of whatever he's eating to me. Now I always say "no, you eat it", but he still does it every day. One of his favorite things to eat is waffles, he loves them; he'll eat pancakes, and every now and then I can convince him to have hash browns, but he prefers waffles above all else.

Buggin also loves the outdoors, and would play on our patio all day, but as the weather is turning cooler, I can't let him leave our door open all the time. But we do go out to any of the parks nearby, and he plays on the swings, and has leaned the joys of going down the slide head first. Unfortunately, the last time we went out, Dallas tripped over his shoes and scraped his lip; he only cried for a couple of minutes, but the scrape has been the recipient of many comments ranging from "poor baby" to "how did he get a cold sore?", very frustrating. He seems not to notice it, however, and goes about tearing up the house without a single thought to his "battle wound".

We had another little scare with Dallas only last night. He was feeling a little warm so I took his temperature and found it was 99. I wasn't particularely worried because he is cutting a tooth in the back, and I know it isn't uncommon for kids to run a fever while cutting. But then I took it a couple hours later after a bath and dinner, and he was up to 101.2. At this point I was worried and called Josh, who came straight home, having the only vehicle. So we sat up most of the night worrying about Dallas' fever, and it broke this morning at around 5 0'clock. I learned a very important lesson from it all: Josh may be a horrible patient when he's sick, but he is even more difficult when he's worrying about Dallas.


Melinda said...

Yeah!!! I love seeins something up! Have you lost weight...you look fantastic! And you finally cut Dallas' hair. It's so cute. I hope he gets to feeling better and soon. Teething is a bear.

Calista said...

I like seeing the pictures up, too. I'm really glad that you were able to get things up for us to see. Thanks for calling today, and letting me know that you had updated here. I hope things are going well.