24 November 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I love this time of year! Dallas is learning fast that the music doesn't stop all day, and if I'm in the kitchen and it feels hot, he will get a yummy piece of Christams candy. Needless to say, he is always dogging my footsteps when I go into the kitchen.

OK, first, Thanksgiving. Josh and I decided this year that we would spend turkey day at a friends house. She's a student and still lives at home, her parents are really nice people and we had a fantastic time eating way too much food and laughing so hard, said food was in danger of being sighted again. Our friend, Michele, is pictured here with Dallas while he was riding a little rocking-horse her parents keep for their grandchildren.

After we left Michele's, we went out to Guthrie to see Josh's parents, since they're home for a whole week, and stayed late out there, talking, laughing, and holding the little Isaiah. Dallas and Josilyn completely destroyed the toy room, but before that, like any civilized barbarians, they had a tea party.

The day after Thanksgiving (more commonly known as Black Friday) I set up my Christmas stuff, instead of going shopping, and Dallas had a great time trying to pull the tree down on himself, so excited he was at all the lights. We intend to go to the Festival of Lights around here this year; last year was busy, and cold, and we just never got around to it, but this time I am determined to see them. I had some trouble, at first, deciding where everything would go, and I still don't know what I'm going to do with the gingerbread houses when we get finished with them. But, for now everything is settled, though I have a distinct advantage over last year, because I have a mantle this time around.
I also included a picture of our Family Wall, where I have carefully arranged the various pictures of our individual families into a sort of strange family tree. My family's pictures, as you see, are fairly recent, and I'm anxious to have new ones of Josh's sister, Sarah, and her little family. Josh and I are also trying to arrange a photo session to get a more current portrait of the pair of us onto the wall (the one that is up now was taken last Christmas). Dallas getting a new picture is, as we all know, a must, because we have to keep all the doting grandparents cooing over the picutre to avoid them seeing how much their grandkids destroy at their house.

Well, I think that's everything for now, hope your Thanksgiving was great, and your Christmas to be better!!


Melinda said...

I'm so jealous right now! I'd love to get my Christmas stuff up...but i have to get my house up first. I hope we'll have a tree up before too long, since I really WANT to feel festive, instead of just busy. Your apartment looks so cute and it sounds like your Thanksgiving was really fun!

Calista said...

I like seeing all your Christmas decorations up. I still haven't pulled my stuff out of the garage, maybe today will be the day...

By the way, consider yourself tagged! Check my blog for details:)