20 December 2007

Well, there's the good news and then there's the bad news. The good news is that our ice storms are over and we didn't lose power for more than an hour all told. We also have warmer weather this week. The bad news is that we have another storm on the way, after Christmas, and I'll have to figure out a way to keep Dallas busy while we're cooped up in the house again. So far we've manage to keep him occupied by giving him new things to play with and do. One day I gave him a big bucket and he climbed in it, and promptly fell out and smacked his head. Another time, when Josh was home, we rigged up a slide with a clear sheet of plastic with each of us at an end, me holding it down and Josh lifting when Dallas ran to his end. After we realized we couldn't keep up with his energy and desire to slide a lot, we hooked a folding table over the back of a couch and he climbed up and slid on his own. We also found Josh's old cars from when he was little, and Dallas has had a lot of fun scattering them all over the house and returning them the box several times a day.

I have discovered the price if Dallas gets too bored: a few days ago he tried pulling ornaments off the tree and ended up on the floor with the tree on top of him. So we moved it, but it doesn't stop him from trying to get to it anyway. His favorite ornaments are the little gold ones that can be engraved for special "firsts", we put them on the bottom because Dallas can't really hurt them and Josh has about ten of them. By far, though, Dallas and Josh enjoy my Christmas candy efforts the best; Josh likes the cheese crunchers, and Dallas loves the buttercream mints.

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Anonymous said...

I love those pictures of Dallas. When Josilyn was about his age I started letting her color, crazy as it sounds. We used non toxic markers because she would eat the crayons and I would tape a big shopping bag to the end of the table so it wouldn't make a mess and let her go at it. Remind me and I'll have to show the pictures. I'm so glad ya'll didn't lose power in the storm and stayed safe! Have you taken Dallas to see Santa yet?