20 December 2007

Christmas Tag
Because traditions are important, we decided that Josh should also include his family’s traditions, to show how we’ve combined and changed things around. So we’ll start off with his:
-Visiting Grandparents Christmas Eve, and opening the gifts their gifts.
-Looking forward to Dad coming home (he was and still is a long-haul truck driver)
-Picking out gifts for everyone (there was just the two of us kids and mom and dad)
Now for mine:
-Watching and waiting for Santa, falling asleep before he arrived nearly every time
-Picking out and setting up the real tree, lights put on by Brad (being the pickiest) and ornaments arranged by all
-Singing carols accompanied by Melinda or Wes on the piano
-Putting up lights on the house
-Caroling to the neighbors on Christmas Eve
-Helping Mom set out all of her decorations
-Guessing what could possibly be in the biggest package under the tree
-Trying to pick out our Christmas Pjs, and never getting it right
-Reading Christmas stories by the light of the tree
-Tacking up the newly-arrived cards all over the entryway
-Winding Rudolph’s nose…just once
-Gingerbread houses
-Making candy, cookies, and yummy foods
-Eating with as much family as can get there for a Christmas lunch at Grandma’s
Of all the things I remember about Christmas, I probably best recall all the laughter, the excitement, and the not-so-subtle efforts at trying to get whoever had your name to tell you what you were getting, and failing. I remember the feeling of coming home everyday, and the difference it made to just walk in the door. At Christmas the feeling was particularly strong, but it was always there, just the same.
Our combined and mixed-up traditions now are:
-Decorating the tree together
-Listening to the most annoying Redneck Christmas songs we can find
-I make candy, Josh and Dallas eat it
-Gingerbread houses
-Going to Grandma and Grandpa McDonald’s house for Christmas Eve, and opening their gifts
-Christmas stories
-Watching all our Christmas movies
Although we’ve already set some of traditions in stone, some are ones we just haven’t managed to implement yet (ie. Christmas lights on the house). We’re hoping to add to our traditions, just like we want to add to our family. But whether our traditions stay the same, or change with each passing year, we will always keep the meaning close in our hearts, and the love we have for each other and our family will always be a tangible presence in our home.
Merry Christmas, everyone!


Melinda said...

Yeah!! You added a couple that I'd forgotten when making my list. And I know all about bored toddlers...which reminds me, how long has Evie been quiet in her room?! Also, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas. It's great for all us girls that even though we can't be all together, we're near in-laws and get to celebrate holidays with SOME kind of family, right? Love ya, sis!

Anonymous said...

There are a few in there from Josh's traditions that are missing. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and I can't wait to see ya!!

Karen said...

Hey! Don't forget boxes when you are trying to entertain kids. Kellen spent many happy afternoons coloring the insides of boxes with crayons or markers. It will go a long way if you lay in a box with him the first few times and color. And I would love to see Hoppity Sarah's blog, can you give her my e mail address and tell her I would like an invite?? Thanks! Your Christmas traditions look familiar!!