11 November 2007

John Deere

Hello again, hello!!

I stole these pics from Josh's phone because they are so precious, and the fact that Josh actually sat while I took them was miracle enough I thought I should share. We were all at Grandma and Grandpa McDonald's house on Thursday, mowing the weeds while they're on the road, and I sat Dallas on the tractor while Josh hooked it up to the mower. Then Josh took him and they went trolling around the property, Dallas trying several times to drive. We ended up being out there past dark, backing up trailers and boats after moving them to get at the weeds underneath. Dallas really enjoyed riding with Josh, and got very excited whenever the mower made a pass near enough for us to see his Daddy.

On Friday we went to the park, this particular one has equipment for handicapped children, so a lot of the stuff is lower and easier to navigate, and even more educational. One of the cool things it has is a sand pit with "dinosaur" bones that you can uncover, but Dallas didn't like the sand. He did like sitting on top of a Bison statue, though, and we got pics of that. This park also has a lake that we can fish in, and lots of geese, though we didn't have bread this time around. Probably the coolest thing about it is across the water is a HUGE set up like a train with toys that lights up. There are also big display sheds with toys, lights, and such, and all the walkways are lined with mini trees covered in lights. Josh and I intend to take Dallas back soon to see it all lit up for Christmas.


Melinda said...

Looks like Dallas had so much fun! I love that you got Josh in there with him. It's great to get out and do some hard work like that. And what a cute park! I hope you get more pictures of the rest of it cause it sounds awesome.

Calista said...

Looks like you guys had a great time being outside. I love being able to get pictures of Steve doing things with the kids; most of the time he would rather that the pictures were just of the kids themselves, not him :)