08 February 2008

Busy Day

Today was jam-packed, full of things to do, people to see, things to laugh about...let's just start at the beginning.
0525--Dallas decided he was finished being in his crib
0530--Dallas decided he was finished being in bed with Mommy and Daddy
0531--Mommy and Dallas get up
0545--In pjs, Mommy and Dallas go to Wal-Mart for donuts (yummmm)
0605--Return home, start coffee (specialty blend with caramel) set out donuts
0630--Daddy rises from the dead
0645--Daddy kisses everyone good-bye, and goes to work to take a test about...whatever it is he does...yeah.
0700--Dallas gets a bath to remove all the donut stickiness
0800--Mommy and Dallas snuggle on the couch and watch "Alice in Wonderland"
0930--Dallas is getting tired, Mommy does dishes
1000--Dallas is really tired, Mommy calls Aunt Melinda for sanity reasons
1030--Dallas is out like a light
1100--Chris and Laurie (in-laws) return from being on the truck for the last 6 weeks
1102--Dallas is awake
1105-1330--Unloading the truck, laughing, talking, eating lunch, laughing, talking...
1335-1515--Mommy does laundry while Dallas plays
1530-1730--Dallas naps, Mommy does more laundry and dishes
1755--Daddy finally gets home (passed test with an 87%)
1830--Dinner is almost ready, Chris and Laurie get back from shopping for a new truck
1900--Dinner is still almost ready, everyone talking and laughing, Dallas wreaking havoc
2000--Ate dinner with Chris and Laurie, Sarah comes over
2015-2035--Sarah and Mommy act like little girls again while baking cookies (note: Josh came in and tried to steal some, we sent him away)
2035-2110--Talked, laughed, missed an opportunity to take a picture of Dallas and Isaiah playing on the floor
2110--Everyone goes home to go to bed
2115--Dallas and Josh are in bed, Mommy blogging
And now, here I am, exhausted, but with a clean kitchen and an empty laundry room, with the dulcet tones of snoring coming from the bedroom. This is the best time for blogging, because there's no one to bother me, this is my chance to get caught up on everyone else, and to let out the exciting day. (sigh)
Yup, I'm done. Happy Blogging!!!


Michelle said...

Wow, busy day! I love days like that because I get so much done. And I love when everybody is in bed becuase I can blog all I want to without Mark saying he wants to play on his game for a bit (translated - 3 hours). Way to go!

Calista said...

That *was* a busy day! It sounds like you had a good time with your in-laws, though. I always feel so good at the end of a busy day because it usually means that I end feeling like I've accomplished something, and that makes it all worth while. It sounds like it was a good day, and I'm glad :)

Karen said...

Good day, good food, good company.
What more can you ask for?