18 February 2008

Swordfight and Naptime

Saturday night, Josh got Dallas all riled up. Dallas was throwing a fit when it was time to get ready for bed, so Josh had a little mock swordfight with him. Actually what happened was Josh and I were fighting with these, and after Josh disarmed me, Dallas picked it up, climbed on the bed and started attacking my poor husband. Josh was forced to defend himself, and I was forced to capture it on film.
After Stake Conference, Dallas wiped out on the couch with me. It was a very nice service, there was a lot of talk about not being offended in church, or to let being offended keep you from attending. The speakers were wonderful, and there were many memories of Gordon B. Hinkley shared. I had ridden with a friend from church, Carla, and she spent the first half hour in the halls with Dallas, letting him run off some energy.

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