13 May 2008

Birthday Party!!

Saturday, Dallas went to a birthday party, and he had a blast! The party was for Cai, pictured below, and he was turning 3. Dallas ate two hot dogs, a cup of popcorn, and drank two cups of juice. Afterward, he ate a cupcake and a small amount of ice cream. He spent lots of time throwing balls around with the other kids, riding bikes, and blowing bubbles. Eventually he crashed out and stayed that way through all the tear down and goodbyes.

This is the toolbelt Cai got from Dallas.


Melinda said...

I love that picture before the post! Looks and sounds like Dallas had a lot of fun...I know we enjoy parties here!

Stephanie said...

What fun! I love watching little kids eat cake or cupcakes - so cute and so messy!

Karen said...

Looks like lots of fun! I love the pics of Dallas and the cupcakes:) Cute tool belt too.