18 May 2008

The Little Monster!

Okay, here I am, minding my own business, catching up on everyone's blog. I wasn't going to post yet, I don't have pictures or anything exciting to report, but I wanted to see what everyone else was up to.
There I was, and Dallas drags a chair over, stands on it and wraps his arms around my middle in the sweetest hug imaginable. I hugged him back, kissed him on the head and asked what he was doing. He looked up at me, smiled.....and rubbed his ookie nose all over my arm. Then, he climbed down and went right back to playing.
Despite this, I can't help but laugh and shake my head over it. What a little monster!


Stephanie said...

So cute, and so gross! Don't you just love ookie noses on your arm? heehee!

Karen said...

Ha ha, what a little stinker! Get that boy some tissue:) I'm glad he had loves for you though...hug him for me too!

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

What a sweetheart! Enjoy those sweet moments with Dallas - he'll grow up way to fast, and when he's a teen you might have to really work to get a hug at all. :)