01 June 2008


Okay, I know I just posted, but I had to add this.
I had finished posting, (duh) and was cruising all y'alls blogs, eating a late breakfast of Cheerios. There were only a couple of bites left and my attention was on catching up with everything. Dallas, meanwhile, had dragged his chair over and stood on it next to me. Before I knew what had happened, he took my spoon and devoured the last of my breakfast. I imediately snatched the spoon away from him, but it was far too late, there wasn't even any milk left for me to take solace in.....(sigh)

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Stephanie said...

It's amazing how resourceful our kids can be! Just today Zaylee dragged her potty chair all the way into the kitchen so she could stand on it to reach a biscuit on the counter. So fun!