31 July 2008

Visits, a Black Eye, and Two Midnight Surprises

Okay, I, like just about everyone else, did not take pictures at the reunion. Oh, I got a couple during the auction, and a few of G'Pa (telling us about how he met G'Ma), but nothing more. I was very busy chasing kids up and down stairs, and chatting nonstop with all my great cousins, aunts/uncles, and other people who showed up.
Let's start at the beginning.
Friday July 18th: Get on plane at 6:30 am, yeah, am...yuck! Dallas did alright during the first leg, and loved dashing around the Denver Airport. He slept during the second leg, but we had a lousy neighbor (he acted like Dallas was a disease he might catch), and Wes met me in Salt Lake to take me home. Dallas threw up in the car. We cleaned him up and Wes left for a movie with some friends, leaving me to unpack and let Dallas have some wiggle time. (That's "time to wiggle", not "watching the wiggles".) Mom came home from work and we played and talked and went to pick up Melinda at midnight. All the kids were up and playing until...well, late.
Saturday 19th: Swimming!! Dallas took to the water like a fish, didn't want my help and loved kicking and being dunked.
Sunday: Church, quiet, hot, and yummy dinner (Melinda cooked, check her blog for the pork and rice dish).
Monday: Massages, mom babysat, Mel and I were pampered. More swimming.
Tuesday: We made the cutest name mats. They have large bubbled letters to put pictures in. I love mine, I did "Dallas" in brown leather with a southwestern border. Cuteness!! In the morning we also went to sotry time at a little bookstore called "The Purple Cow", then to McDonald's to wear the kids on the playplace.
Wednesday: We went to Scouts with Mom, and let the kids play at the park. Then we headed into Salt Lake to pick up Wes from work, and we all went to dinner at Wingers.
Thursday: Spent all morning packing things up. Headed to the reunion at around 1 0'clock. Dallas threw up in the car. Stopped at a gas station for more than an hour cleaning up him, the car, and the carseat.
I'm going to skim over the reunion really quick. Tons of fun, swam, ate delicious food (I really want the chicken recipe from Jeanean), felt soo lucky to have lots of family around, played awesome games, stayed up late, talked to everyone about everything, cried....had a wonderful time.
Monday I stayed at Mom's while she went to work and I packed. I felt terrible, because when Dallas woke up, he went hunting for Mom, and Melinda, and Evie, and even Lizzie (they all pulled out in the early am for her flight), and couldn't find anyone. Monday night, Mom and I watched 27 dresses, and Dallas jumped off the bed and smacked into the corner of Mom's cedar chest. He has a black eye.
Tuesday: Scramble for last-minute stuff. I met mom at her work, drove all the way into Salt Lake to get there, also to check my bags early. Dallas threw up in the car. We cleaned him in the Beehive bathroom. We went to check my bags, thank goodness it wasn't too early, and certainly one thing I didn't have to worry about. Headed out for lunch (Chinese), Dallas threw up in the car. Cleaned up in the resturant, and stuffed my face. Realized it was nearly time to be on the plane, and scrambled to be there. Gridlock. Almost to the airport, Dallas threw up again. We said teary good-byes, and Dallas boarded the plane in just a diaper (at this point I was out of clothes). Made it on the plane, whew!
No delays, only a little turbulence, Dallas fell asleep.
So glad to be home!! Josh met us at baggage and squeezed Dallas til he was blue :) All is well.....until...SURPRISE!!! my bag didn't show up. Yeah, after an hour standing in line at the office, I found out they left it in Denver. They have to ship it to the house.
Home at sometime after 2 am. Josh shows me his surprise. There, in my kitchen is the most beautiful thing....a dishwasher. Yes, it's true! He got me a dishwasher! It's not new and it doesn't have all digital buttons, but I think it's perfect, becuase the dishwasher no longer is me!!!
I have a wonderful husband, and, as much fun as I had seeing everyone, I am so happy to be home with him.


Nicia said...

Congrats on the dishwasher! That's fabulous! You poor thing...or should I say poor Dallas. That is a lot of throw up to have to clean. All in all though, it sounds like you had a great time! Glad you made it home safely.

Farrell Family said...

Sounds like it was all in all a great trip...minus all the throwing up. Sheesh!
Congratulations on the new dishwasher! Enjoy!!!

Melinda said...

I just realized neither of us put on Saturday..."went to Once Upon a Mattress with Wes and Dad"...oops. Sorry about Dallas' sick and black eyes. Yeah for a dishwasher!!!

Karen said...

Hey, where's all the pictures? It was fun reading all that happened and reliving it for a few minutes. We sure had a good time!

Grandma Danes said...

Hey it was so good to see you. Dallas is a doll even if he did throw up and how could anyone have a little boy like him without having a black eye or two. Glad about the dishwasher!

Stephanie said...

Oh, poor Dallas and poor YOU! I can't believe he threw up that much! You poor thing!

It was so much fun seeing you guys at the reunion. And how cool that you have a dishwasher! What a happy surprise! Congrats on that, and may you have many happily easy dish-doing sessions ahead of you.

I just read Melinda's comment. You went to "Once Upon a Mattress" - that's cool! I was in that play in high school - I played a lady in waiting, just an extra. But it was a lot of fun. I'm sure the performance you went to was probably more professional though. :-)

Kathy said...

It was great to see you at the reunion! Your little Dallas is such a cutie! I'd love to see a picture of the name mats you made, and that's great news about your dishwasher! They really are a great invention...

Nathan and Esther Manwaring said...

Does Dallas get car sick? Wow. He wasn't doing so good. I am so glad you guys had a great time. I wish I had known you were in Utah early so I could have met up with you guys. I am so glad we got to see you at the reunion. I don't think Nathan has ever met any one that was there except those who came to the wedding. It was so great to see everyone.
Yeah for the dishwasher. I have kind of designated Nathan as my dishwasher at this point. He doesn't mind. Right now we don't really have enough dishes to fill a dishwasher and no room to put one so it will do until we have more mouths to feed.

Michelle said...

Wow, that's a lot of Puke! Other than that it sounds like a nice trip. (although that sucks about your bag)

What a wonderful suprise! I don't know what I would do without my dishwasher! We make a lot of dishes every day and doing it by hand would take up a lot of time for me. So long as it dishes done, all the fancy buttons aren't necessary... :-) Enjoy your new toy!