01 November 2008

Cowboy up!

To fully enjoy Halloween, you have to have cookies. So I made chocolate chip cookies, the warm, moist kind that disappear fast. Since Dallas loves to help pour ingredients into the bowl I let him stand on a stool while I mixed and dropped dough. Before I knew it he was reaching in and tasting little bits, so I thought I'd catch him with his hand in the cookie jar...so to speak. Only while I was grabbing the camera, he grabbed the spoon.

After baking, we got together with a friend and went downtown to trick-or-treat the stores. It started at 4 and went 'til 6 and we just walked around to all the businesses, talking to people, seeing cute costumes and eating candy until we were sick. The entire town turns out to do this, there were families everywhere, and every kind of costume imaginable. My favorites included an entire family of bees, hershey kiss babies, and of course my own little cowboy. I only took a few pictures because Dallas was insistant upon dashing from one spot to another, coming too close to the road for my taste. But I think I got enough to give you all some idea of how many people were out.

I also got my hair cut. I was kinda tired of doing the same things with it and still being unsatisfied with the results. This way all I have to do is dry it using a round brush.

Happy Halloween all!!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention it last night passing downtown, I like your hair. Dallas was adorable!! I hope you had as much fun down there as everyone seemed to be having.

Nicia said...

I love your hair! You look so cute...as does Dallas! That's so funny he was eating the dough by the spoonful!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your beautiful long hair! I have been trying to grow mine out for...well, since high school I think!

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

Emily Loves to eat cookie dough too! Your haircut is really cute!

Grandma Danes said...

You looked great. Dallas is adorable and we're glad you were having fun.