11 April 2012

Moving on...moving in

Christmas was awesome! We were so happy to have Josh home again, and even more excited that his work kept him in the Salt Lake area until the end of January. Every weekend we went into the city to stay with him at his hotel, but Dallas had a harder time understanding when he left again for Maryland.

The saddest part of the year came and I felt a more of her presence than I have since I left home. I remembered a Christmas ornament I saw and thought it was perfectly appropriate...so sort of re-created it for Mom and Dad to put on her table with all the other things of hers we use to remember her by.
In case it's too hard to read from the picture here it is:
If tears could build a stairway
and memories make a lane
I'd walk back up to Heaven
and bring you home again.

Mom and I found this awesome deal to get Glitter Toes, and we had a lot of fun going out for "girl time" and just hanging out together.
Moving time arrives and here is what we get. He was jumping on his mattress (which was moved onto the floor) and then managed to bounce off of it onto his dresser (several feet away) cutting his head open. No stitches required and it's healed up very nicely.
We left out of Tooele Sunday morning, and made it to Melinda's Monday night. I was very excited to see her and hang out with her and her family. Her delivery of Cole scared me something awful, but I was glad to be there for her kids and to get to see her for myself after it happened. Dallas was just as excited to see Baby Cole as his cousins were, and insisted on holding him:)
Dallas and I caught a train out of MKA to Chicago, and Chicago to Syracuse, NY. Josh picked us up there and we drove the last hour and a half to Gouverneur (yes I spelled that right).
Our neighbors came out to meet us and they are awesome! We've already had dinner together with them several times, and we hang out around the campfire almost every night (our townhouse backs up to state forest land, so we just collect the dead wood from winter). It's kind of weird because Josh made friends with them before I even got here so it was like moving back home--they're just so friendly!
I'm still unpacking a few boxes, but Dallas has adjusted very well and will be starting kindergarten Monday 16th. We got all complicated because the western states have a cutoff date at the beginning of September, but NY's is in December! Ack! So now we have to let him play out the rest of the year then consult with the principal and his teacher in June to see where he should be placed next year. Ugh. But starting next Monday he'll be gone all day (what will I do with my time...?) and the bus stop for the street is right outside my front door. I anticipate that Dallas will be more worn out at the end of the day for a while...at least until he adjusts to the new schedule:)!
When I have some furniture and the boxes are all hidden away in the garage I'll take pictures of the place and of my neighbors: SGT & Mrs. G. and SPC and Mrs. T, and their kids.
Feels so good to be here, together!

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Melinda said...

Love your pic of Dallas and Cole! That was nuts about school for him; when I heard it from Mom, I was surprised. I'll bet YOU were, too! :) He's a smart kid, though, and I can't wait to hear how he does!