21 December 2007

I just wanted to quickly drop in and post these pics of Dallas. I finally got them off my phone, so here they are!!

I took these on our City of Lights walk. I have one for each member of the Holy Family.

Dallas wanted to go outside, but we'd just had an ice storm so I liet him have an icecicle instead;)

Excited by all the papers, boxes and decorating, Dallas decided to take matters into his own hands and decorate himself in a gingerbread box.


Melinda said...

Way cute!! I'm continually amazed at the resemblence between Dallas, Kellen and Brad as young kids. He's adorable and I love how alike in manner he and Evie are!

Karen said...

What a cute guy! I love that kids can find fun in all the little things. Dallas has a great capacity for imagination. I love the icicle picture, too bad we can't popcicle that.

Calista said...

Those are such cute pictures. Are these the ones that you tried to send me on my phone? I know I came on and looked at these a while ago, but I neglected to comment; sorry. I hope you guys had a good New Year!