30 January 2008

Bright good morning to all....ok, so it's afternoon. After some wrestling with the internet, I have returned to let ya'll know what's been going on. Nothing really has happened, except Josh and I becoming more and more aware of how close Dallas' surgery is, and getting his bag packed for it. Other than that, we've had some warmer weather, although it's cold today, and Dallas has been playing outside.

Below, we have Josh mowing leaves (yeah, leaves) and Dallas helping.
He's actually pretty strong, and can also push a full cart down the
aisles at Walmart.
Bug got cabin fever, and sat just outside the front door playing with
his tractors, and the lovely red dirt.

I rearranged the furniture, thus allowing Dallas access to the window,
and he's played in it a lot since then. This was the first time, however,
and Dallas discovered his reflection in the glass. Consequently,
he climbed up to say hello to his new friend the next morning
and, of course, there was no reflection.

Making faces

Dallas was singing and talking to himself, so I grabbed the
camera and peeked around the corner, and he was just sitting there,
playing with his toes and toys. I took several, but this was the only
one acceptable for posting.


Melinda said...

I swear, his face looks EXACTLY like Evie's sometimes...guess they're related or something, huh? Glad to see you posted and you guys, esp. Dallas, are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope the surgery and recovery go great for him!

thebaskers said...

Glad Dallas has had the chance to play outside. The weather here has been too cold and snowy to play in without bundling up to the point of unrecognizability (I don't think that's a word, but oh well). I hope all goes well with his surgery.

Calista said...

Our weather here has been a little chilly for going outside, too, although I'm hoping for a walk this afternoon :) It's great to see the pictures of Dallas playing and, like everyone else, I'll be looking for updates after the surgery. We will be thinking about you guys and hope that everything goes smoothly :)

Karen said...

Our love and prayers for Dallas, for tomorrows surgery. I love all the pictures of him, what a happy little guy!