06 July 2008

Alright, I'm like the only person who hasn't said anything about the 4th of July. That is probably because there isn't anything to say. We bought some fireworks, but we set them off early, and they were mostly bottle rockets. There isn't a local fireworks display, and I had to work the 4th anyway, so Josh and Dallas didn't have a way to go. However, Josh's parents came home and we had BBQ with them, nothing fantastic: just dogs and burgers and some watermelon and chips.

At work on such a great holiday, we were dead. I mean the phone wouldn't ring for 45 minutes at a time! So we closed early, and I got a kitten. See, I'd driven past this house that had lots of little kittens around, but no one keeping track of them. So I talked to the neighbors I caught a tiny white one that appears to be the runt. She's cute and sweet and gentle even when Dallas is yanking on her face (which, for a kitten, is pretty good). I forbade Josh the option of naming her anything having to do with "snow" or "white". (I think white cats with names like "Snowball" or
"Whitey" are ridiculous.) So he names her Lurk instead. Because, he says, that's what she does.

So little Lurk runs and plays, sleeps a lot, and is litter box trained, but is perfectly willing to go outside and do her business. Not a bad deal for free!

Woops! I gotta go, Dallas has discovered our "important papers" folder, and I've only just turned around to see them all over the couch...oh dear.


Melinda said...

Am LOVING you new family pictures there on the right! My little nephew is such a cutie!

Stephanie said...

You'll have to post pictures of Lurk - she sounds adorable!

Kathy said...

Hey, I haven't written about our 4th of July either. :) Congratulations on your new little kitten! Please post pictures so we can see her!