23 March 2010

Okay, here it is. LaNita has finally put up a post. No, pigs aren't flying....and no, H*ll didn't freeze over. Yes, I did just finally get up off my tush and do it.

Starting with the top and moving down in no particular order are some of the fun folks I work with at Wal-Mart. Not all of them were happy to have their picture taken, so I apologize for any bluriness in the photos.

This is Sue; she works in the back and processes all of the packages that come through via UPS or FedEx. she's super nice and calls everyone sugar.
This here was a stroke of luck. I had no idea that all of them were in here at the same time. Starting from the left is AM Lorenzo, Casey, Personel manager Sally, and Ebony. They do work hard, don't they?
Door Greeter Malinda is next and she is probably Dallas's favorite person. He always insists on stopping to give her a hug, and of course get a sticker.
Alice in HBA, relaxing in the break-room, playing a game on her brand new iphone.
Melissa is my next-door neighbor over in the deli. She is always willing to come over and "see" what cake we're working on, although she usually manages to walk away with a little bit of frosting having magically made it onto her fingers.

The handsome fella is Mike in produce on our other side. He wears this sweatshirt and hat every single day and his favorite pastime is to leave rubber snakes in the bakery for us to find.
This is also Mike in produce. Usually specified by being called Big Mike, being as he's...you guessed it, Big!Jennifer was kinda stressed when i caught her, she isn't usually this grumpy looking. But she has a wicked sense of humor; unfortunately we don't get to see all that often anymore because she was moved from deli to manager, and her new duties keep her pretty busy.

The rest of these are of some of my cakes. I meant to take more, but everytime I thought about it, I'd already written a name on it, and I didn't want any problems with that kinda thing.
So here's the several pictures of some of my work. Next time I'll get a good cake in, one that is more than borders and writing.

On a more familial note, Josh is still working his business, enjoying all the challenges that it brings, and glorying in the expansions we've managed in the last month or so. Dallas is growing up, if not out, and we're seeing more sock at the end of his pants than we used to. He's also learning at his father's knee. I mean it literally, as Josh is using some of his spare time to teach Dallas to drive. Yes, Josh is actually in control of the pedals, but Dallas can now successfully steer from Aunt Sarah's house to ours, with Josh only applying the gas and the brake. Complete and correct turns are executed with verbal explanations of which way he is turning and how far there is to go, both during the day and at night. Not long now, and he'll be legal to do it, too.

Mmmm, well, dinner calls my name, and my Bug is anxious to play outside afterwards,


Lindsey said...

Great to see you on here! :)

Those cakes looked good--I doubt you'll ever end up on cakewrecks.com! :)

I was very confused by the part about Dallas driving--I had forgotten how old he was, but I was sure you didn't have a teenager, and I didn't think those pictures were that out of date! Then I got it... a little slow today!

Melinda said...

You used my phrase!! :) Your cakes are looking great, really! Makes me want to take a cake decorating class. Love you!

Karen said...

You do a great job on the cakes! It is nice to "meet" the people you work with.

I didn't get anything on your slide show...no pics of Dallas except the family picture in the header. What am I doing wrong??

Also, mailed pkg todayI think you should get it by Saturday or Monday...I only sent it media rate so it might be slower.

Michelle said...

How fun to see your work! I likecd the one with the long stem roses (?) as the top border. Cute idea!