27 March 2010


One of these is not a tiered cake, not really. It's just a half sheet cut up and stacked. It's different because wedding cake, or tiered cake is defined by coming with the various items that make it so very pretty and elegant to display; and also by not being able to get it in anything except white cake (leastwise at Wal-Mart).
This other "stacked" cake is easier, and yet more difficult. Although it does not require the severe amount of smoothing that a wedding cake undergoes, it is intense in detail, and rather exhausting to make.
So, this is my first wedding cake (yes, I have only just been entrusted with one of them), and a stacked cake that Maria can do in her sleep, and is her contribution this time. The tiers are actually each two cakes stacked on top of each other. The colors are silver and black, and while not very pretty, maybe, are very striking together and make a nice setting.


Melinda said...

I watched the slideshow this time; you guys look great! Seriously, you have such glamour. You always pull a photo off better than I can - share your gift? The cakes are awesome, good job!!

Karen said...

Hey! Thanks for putting Josh on to help Dad get the slide show working!! I got to see the pictures and they are all great. How do I get som for my own???

Love the cakes. I am impressed that you do wedding cakes, Nice job!!