01 February 2008

Okay, I plan on doing the tags at the end, mostly because everyone wants to know what's going on...so here's the scoop.

While we were moving into our new/old/new apartment, Dallas started crying really hard and sitting on the floor not doing anything. I thought he needed a diaper change (he hates having a dirty diaper), but Josh and I were moving a hot tub, so I kept talking to him, assuring him we were almost done, until I was able to pick him up again. When I changed him, he was very dirty, so I put him in the bath tub. He didn't much like that, for a change, so I took him out. He promptly threw up on me, so he went back into the tub. He'd calmed down so I pulled him back out and laid him down to put a fresh diaper on, and that's when I noticed a bulge under his skin right next to where his right leg joins the body. It was about the size of a small sausage link, and was i little hard to the touch. Realizing that this could not be a good thing, I wrapped him up and took him to Josh, who pointed out there was nothing to be done for the moment, so we went to bed. It was gone in the morning, but I scheduled an appointment anyway.
Dr. Kimberly Edgmon told us he had a hernia, and that he was a little sick with the rotovirus. With some live cultures the rotovirus cleared up quickly, and she sent refferred us to a pediatric surgeon name Dr. Mantor. We went to a pre-op appointment with Dr. Mantor, and he told us that Dallas had two hernias, one in his lower right side, and one at his navel. He also told us that Dallas might have another one on his left side, and that he would be using a laprascope through the navel hernia to check the left side, just in case.

Now, an inguanal hernia is when the membrane that holds in the organs gets pulled down along with the reproductive organs when they move down into the lower abdomen, leaving a gap. The intestines then run the risk of sliding through this hole and getting stuck, kinking the intestines and causing a great deal of vomiting, because the body can't rid itself of its waste. Below I've drawn a rather crude image of it to make it a little more clear.

Last night, at seven o'clock, Dallas was given a blessing by two men of our ward here, in it he was promised successful surgery and a swift recovery. This morning, Josh Dallas and I went to the hospital for Dallas' surgery. After checking in, we only had to wait about 30 min, before they called his name. In pre-op, we dressed him down into little yellow scrubs while we got the 411 from the anesthesiologist. Then Josh took Dallas to be gassed and get an IV, I admit I couldn't do it, the doctor told us that it would be normal for Dallas to fight, for his eyes to roll back in his head, and that we would have to hold him down. I just couldn't do it, so I waited in the recovery room for Josh to come back without him.
An hour and a half later, our name was called, Dr. Mantor came out and told us that there had been another henria on his left side, and that everything had gone beautifully. Twenty minutes after that we were able to see Dallas in the recovery ward. He woke up soon after, and by noon we were on our way home. Dallas has now had quite a bit of sleep, but he's laying behind me on the couch, just resting. He has two incisions on his lower abdomen, and a bandage over his belly button. We've been told he'll be back to running and playing in a couple days, and that the bandage will come off then too. Unfortunately, Dallas won't be allowed to take a full bath for a couple of weeks, but he'll be able to take a shower after the bandage falls off.

The camera got left in the car while we were inside, so there aren't any pictures of him in his yellow scrubs, flirting with the nurses, and sitting up playing after waking up; sorry. We'll be taking some here in the next several days, of Dallas getting back to his old self. I'll also post the pictures I took of him playing in the snow yesterday, so there will be more stuff to be seen very soon. I hope I've explained things well enough for those who were shocked to hear about him going into surgery, and not bored those of you who were aware of all the facts. We appreciate all the prayers, both before and during this difficult time.


Calista said...

I am so relieved to know that everything went smoothly and that Dallas should be back to himself in just a few days. I've been checking your blog a few times today hoping for updates :) I don't think I could have stood there to hold down either of mine, either. I end up in tears every time I've had to hold them down for shots; it's just not fun. I hope you're able to get some rest now, too, since I know I wouldn't have been able to sleep the night before something like this :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that it's all going to be ok. Poor baby. I hope he lets you get some rest, you have to be exhausted. He was so sweet today, I hope he feels better soon. I can't imagine what you went through today, I know when we were talking about it you teared up. If you need anything let me know.

Michelle said...

I am so glad everything went well for his surgery. Mark had to hold Nathan when he needed stitches for a an inch long, 1/4 inch deep gash between his fingers (he had sut the webbing with my sewing sicsors), but I generally hold for everything else. Thanks for letting us in the dark know what was going on, our family is praying for you guys and little Dallas!

Melinda said...

Thanks for posting as promised. That sounded like a very difficult thing to go through...I can't stand Evie having to be held down, even for shots, so I'd be a horrid candidate, too. It's great that both of you were able to be there with him, and that things went so well. I'm sorry about no baths for two weeks, though; that's one of Evie's favorite forms of entertainment and my biggest break, so I hope she never has any incidents that stop her from enjoying that. We love you and will continue keeping you in our prayers!!

Karen said...

Thanks so much for all the details. Dallas has been in our prayers and we're so glad to know he's on the mend.